Docker and AWS certs

The last year I’ve been busy working quite a bit with AWS. I’ve gone so far as to get my certification as the Associate Level as an AWS Architect. I accomplished this earlier in the year as well as renewing my Puppet Certification just recently for 2017. I may also be getting Docker certified. Also related to AWS, I’ve recently discovered some infosec related resources on AWS from the offensive perspective. [Read More]

New development editor was getting too bloated. So after much trial and error, and learning curve, I went hard into vim, and started using spacevim. In fact, I’m typing this up in spacevim right now with a live Markdown preview showing in a side browser window. The biggest challenge besides getting it working and all the dependencies, was to get the terminal colors and unicode characters to display properly. At work, I settled on a Terminator terminal over X11+SSH session to get the colors just right, even though setting xterm-256color (or color256 maybe) as your terminal type and also installing the powerline fonts. [Read More]
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RedHat Summit 2017

Now I’m sitting on a plane, heading back to my family. I just got through with the RedHat Summit 2017 in Boston and I also visited some of my family while there. It was an intense 3-4 days. I generally love Boston, and also Cambridge across the river. While I was there, I took a visit over to the MIT Press Bookstore, and bought a few books, including Grokking algorithms which was a book that I already had on my wishlist, but wasn’t one I could find in the store anywhere else. [Read More]


I recently started with a new company doing more of the role I was in at my previous job focused on J2EE applications, etc. However, I additionally ended up taking over management of Eucalyptus which is an AWS compatible cloud solution. It’s been an exciting change of pace over configuring, troubleshooting, and restarting JVM’s. I’ve worked heavily with it and its underlying open source components that it utilizes like KVM, qemu, S3 (which this site is hosted on an S3 bucket), creating new images (using packer and some fancy script-fu I’ve got it fully automated), and customizing them. [Read More]

Adventures with Docker

I’ve completely messed up my Docker install on the server I was using it on so take my post with a grain of salt. I’ve been messing with Docker for over a year and found it advantageous for a lot of situations. The main thing a Docker container or LXC containers provide me in general, is a sandbox within which to experiment that doesn’t require running a full virtual machine, an extra server, or modifying the native OS settings to try out various applications, packages, or have a self contained environment for using certain software so I can keep it isolated from my base or default environment. [Read More]