Adventures with Docker

I’ve completely messed up my Docker install on the server I was using it on so take my post with a grain of salt. I’ve been messing with Docker for over a year and found it advantageous for a lot of situations. The main thing a Docker container or LXC containers provide me in general, is a sandbox within which to experiment that doesn’t require running a full virtual machine, an extra server, or modifying the native OS settings to try out various applications, packages, or have a self contained environment for using certain software so I can keep it isolated from my base or default environment. One obvious application is doing development.

I’ve also been using it to play some with Ansible and Salt. Deploying to containers rather than having to setup servers.

Currently, I get errors or my server freezes when doing a build. If anyone knows how to fix the errors below I would love to know.

 Error pulling image (trusty) from ubuntu, Driver devicemapper failed to get image rootfs
 Error mounting '/dev/mapper/docker/...
  on '/var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/5f18d94c3eca21bc3212ab66ed7aad11dccf9d4b4128401deae2b0c0c1286132': invalid argument 41

Update: Freezing issue is a known issue on Arch on Digital Ocean as well as the devmapper error.

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