I recently started with a new company doing more of the role I was in at my previous job focused on J2EE applications, etc. However, I additionally ended up taking over management of Eucalyptus which is an AWS compatible cloud solution.

It’s been an exciting change of pace over configuring, troubleshooting, and restarting JVM’s. I’ve worked heavily with it and its underlying open source components that it utilizes like KVM, qemu, S3 (which this site is hosted on an S3 bucket), creating new images (using packer and some fancy script-fu I’ve got it fully automated), and customizing them. So far doing and upgrade and setting up a new availability zone have been tasks I’ve been carrying out in the short time since I’ve started working with it. If I ever run my own lab besides the ESXi based one being setup at my local hackerspace, I may use Eucalyptus.

I’ve also been exposed heavily to products like Puppet, Splunk, and Wily. Suffice to say, I’ve had no shortage of new skills to learn and technologies to play with. It has been an exciting time so far.

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