DefCon 23 and BSides LV

I’m still recovering from Vegas even a week later. So I’m just going to link a bunch of things you should check out and mention a few cool things that happened or that I saw.

  • PowerShell Empire - written in my two favorite scripting languages, may replace Meterpreter someday.
  • Modern Honeypot Network - build your own cloud based network of honeypots that feed results back into a centralized server.
  • HoneyDrive - an okay honeypot VM image (if you for some reason want to run your honeypot in VirtualBox or VMWare)

I also put together a DarkNet badge, walked until my knee gave out, attended a lot of events. DefCon itself was overcrowded, I stayed out of the talks and main halls and focused on SkyTalks, and the villages and competition areas. The DefCon biohacking village was to me the most interesting new thing this year.

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