Back when CompTIA had a temporary beta program for the Pentest+, I took advantage of it, and the cheap cost of the test just to give it a shot. I didn’t study for it and kind of went in blind since no study materials existed and most of what was out there for it was pure speculation. It took a while to learn the results but I’m happy to report that I passed.

Comparing the Pentest+ to other certifications, it was fairly challenging for a traditional multiple choice exam. There are certain questions that require some basic analysis and familiarity with scripting languages, etc. From what I’ve heard it ranks as being harder than the CEH, and GPEN (which is open book). For now, nothing comes close to the challenge of obtaining the OSCP since that is a 24 hour exam that requires you to do an actual pen test of sorts in a test environment, and hack into several machines to prove your skills. So the OSCP can keep its throne for now, at least until other certifications that require hands on practical test of skill become available.

For those interested in getting the PenTest+, either as a precursor to a certification like the OSCP or your place of work (government for example) respects CompTIA certification, there are a few resources online and elsewhere now that the beta has ended. There are a few courses on Udemy and there are some study guides slated to be published soon. It also couldn’t hurt to do some challenges on HackTheBox.

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