BSides Asheville 2015

Quick summary of a few cons I went to. I went to ISSA conference in Charlotte earlier with FALE, but more recently I went to BSides Asheville as a volunteer. I also participated in their CTF with some Cha-Ha members, and we came very close to winning, but placed second. Some friends and I camped out isntead of staying in a hotel, listened to bluegrass in a mountain bar and saw some talks, etc.

BSides Asheville took place in a co-op office and was small and intimate. I enjoyed it as I did any excuse to visit Asheville, NC. I learned more from the CTF then the talks (more just that I learn better by doing), got to utilize some skills I’d only gotten to use once or twice to practice or done in training. I hope to go again next year, especially if I get to go camping.

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