Talk at CarolinaCon

I will be attending CarolinaCon again this year with FALE since we are run the LockPick Village. The big difference this year will be I am giving a talk as well. This will be my first talk at a conference of any kind.

Unless something changes I’m scheduled Friday night(Mar 20th) at 10pm. Giving a talk at all was almost unexpected and only came about because they had extended the call for papers by a few days when not enough talks were received. I and several of the FALE members rallied for more speakers online and submitted our own talks. Mine was completely off the wall and related to a treasure trove of terrible but funny defacement pages I’d discovered. I hope to give an account of defacement pages, a short history of them, and deconstruct them with humorous results. I was surprised when it was actually excepted, especially since a lot of talks were submitted and some rejected.

The clock is ticking and my talk is coming along so far. Being my first con talk, I keep going through mood swings that vary from “this talk will be hilarious” to doubting myself and thinking “this is a terrible idea, what am I even doing” but it doesn’t last long. I just want people to learn something and get a laugh out of it, if I can nail those two things I think I have something.

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