So I’ve been using some of my spare time to experiment with and learn how to use Metasploit. I’ve been familiar with Metasploit for a while now, so this isn’t really about learning something new so much as it is finally getting familiar with a tool that I’ve messed with only a little in the past. Part of this is because I have no programming projects to occupy myself with since I have a real problem finding an interesting problem or project that I can code a solution for. Metasploit is also something I feel I should know how to use, if I ever want to run a quick pentest against my own network, etc.

Metasploit, to be really simple is a “free” suite of penetration testing software. It gives you a framework full of tools needed to scan networks, find their vulnerabilites, exploit them, and keep track of what you find. Running it requires all the skill of your average skiddie, which is good, because I’m mainly a sysadmin who dabbles in infosec.

The best way to learn any piece of software is to use it, but with something like Metasploit, you kind of need a target network, and you don’t necessarily want to exploit your own production boxes, and even if you did, assuming you’ve “hardened” and patched your services reasonably well, it will be difficult to get very far with Metasploit knowing very little about it. Thankfully, the community has provided a solution aptly named Metasploitable. Metasploitable is a virtual machine image that runs in VirtualBox (also “free”) which contains a preconfigured Ubuntu Server that is intentionally unpatched or has “vulnerablities included”. This allows you to practice against the target host through multiple vectors to try and gain full root access or compromise it some other way.

So you you have a machine to target, now you just need Metasploit, you of course could just download and install it, but I have found the best way is to run BackTrack Linux which comes with Metasploit and other tools preinstalled. I personally also run this in a virtual box instance, although you could simply run it natively off the liveCD or install it on a computer you have available.

You have Metasploit, and you have a machine to practice using it against, now you just need a guide to use it all. Well, MetaSploit is pretty well documented by itself, but what was recommended to me is the Metasploit Unleashed course provided by Offensive Security that guides you through the various features of MetaSploit and later exercises you can use. The only caveat I’ve found is that many of the Windows examples obviously don’t work well against Metasploitable, being Linux, although I suppose you could spin up an unpatched Windows XP or 2000 instance to mess with as well.

I’m only partially through a few chapters of the Metasploit Unleashed course and have already learned quite a bit. Maybe later I’ll share some of what I’ve learned that I’ve found very useful here.

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