CarolinaCon 9

CarolinaCon 9 was this weekend in Raleigh, NC which I attended Saturday. I was also there as a representative of FALE to help host their lock pick village.

There were several talks given by some of the FALE members, one titled “Terminal Cornucopia” by treefort was on how ineffective TSA security theater is at preventing weapons from making it onto an airplane. There was a demonstration of a club called “Murica” made with items purchased in the terminal behind TSA security checkpoints consisting of a copy of the Declaration of Independence, with a pointy metal souvenir model of the Washington monument protruding from it. I actually missed this one, but saw and held the hefty “Murica” and can honestly say a violent individual could do some serious damage with it.


There were other talks I were able to attend that took place on Saturday. One, given by Jarrick on iPhone data reconnaissance by accessing the sqllite database of iPhone data that iTunes creates when it backs up an iOS device. This makes for an easy way to access text messages, or other data on the phone stored by various applications. He even wrote a local web based utility for browsing the data that he made a failed attempt to demo, but the code is out there on the FALE github. Also on the FALE github is the code for melvin2001’s AV avoidance and payload delivery that he gave a talk on later that afternoon. His demo consisted of pre-recorded video, so we saw it work. He even wrote a loop. Joe McCray also gave a talk with a quick tutorial on how to write assembly, I only attended part of it since the rest of my time was divided assisting with the lockpick village FALE was operating across the hall. We taught people the basics of lockpicking, took $20 donations for their choice of a lockpick kit or t-shirt, as well as showed people how to shim handcuffs.

The videos of the talks should be up on the CarolinaCon site in a week or two if you want to view the talks.

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