Spinning Wheels

I don’t know if its because I’m now settled into the dad life or what, but I’ve been taking on more personal projects lately, working on them until I loose interest or find something else. Of course, leaving them in various states of completion, some times returning later. Sometimes its just lack of motivation, sometimes I hit a wall, a few cases are delays since continuing requires hardware or something that costs money. [Read More]

Koding with Flask

Koding is a cool site that provides a web-based development environment that is perfect for budding programers and veteran programmers who want an easy to use sandbox environment to develop in. For free you get a VM that that comes pre-setup so that you can develop in several languages including Python, plus database backends ability to install more resources (you get full root access to your VM). A lot of coders use it to stage or live demo a project, and of course the VM automatically shutsdown when you log off. [Read More]