PyDev and wsadmin unite

Those of us that use WebSphere Application Server in our environments as our J2EE application server have a very powerful tool to administrate or automate tasks from the command line, wsadmin. wsadmin is a command line utility that allows you to issue commands in a single server or network deployment (multiple servers in a single administrative domain or “cell”). If you are reading this you probably know all about it and its support for Python, or Jython environment as a language to issue commands and run scripts to handle a variety of tasks.

Most of us who write scripts for it, write our scripts in a text editor and then manually execute them or test small portions of our script in a separate command line window. This can be tedious at best, those of us that use an IDE have the issue that the standard Python interpreter doesn’t respect the Websphere modules and it shows errors for portions of code that are perfectly valid inside wsadmin.

So when I found instructions on how to integrate the PyDev IDE add-on/module for Eclipse and wsadmin, I was a little more then excited. This can save me a lot of time writing new code.

The steps are fairly straight forward, install Eclipse and PyDev if you haven’t already done so, and download Jython. You then configure PyDev to use the Jython jar as your Python interpreter. They provide a script that customizes the Jython environment to use wsadmin. However, I found that in one of the fields, you provide a directory for it to put the pre-defined Admin modules, you need to escape any slashes between directory names or the path gets mucked up.

wsadmin.bat/sh -host <DM_HOST> -port <SOAP_PORT> 
-pypredefsDir "C:\\workspaces\\adminobj"

Otherwise, the setup is pretty straight forward, if you want to try it yourself, the full instructions along with the necessary scripts are here.

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