Python indicator applet

In my attempt to code more, I’ve been looking for a purpose or a problem to which I can apply what I’ve learned or use as a reason to acquire new knowledge. One of the things I’ve been working on a clone of a Mac OS X application an acquaintance of mine is writing. This has begun my foray into writing using the PyGObject API for GTK along with the Ubuntu GTK indicator API. The PyGTK library is deprecated (GTK 3 going forward), which is what most of the examples I’ve found online use where as there is less documentation and discussion for PyGObject. In keeping with using the latest I am writing it in Python 3.

I have it somewhat working, in that it will display a list of links that you can click on and open a browser, but have had some trouble getting it to update/refresh the listing. I’ve also run into limitations in GTK menus that will not allow me to show little icons for the number of points/comments an article has. You can view what I have so far on the GitHub repo

I’m also trying out Qt as an alternative to get around the GTK limitations. There is a Qt branch for that. Still, I have some separate issues like getting the links to open. If I can get those squared away and make the menu refresh and draw icons, I will abandon the GTK API entirely and merge the Qt version/branch into the main branch.

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