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Communing with squirrelsThis site is focused on my professional and enthusiast experiences with information technology, including coding, hacking, system administration, and anything else I happen to learn or find informative in this area.

Professionally, I am a system administrator. I am a Puppet Certified Professional (2016) and IBM Certified Sysstem Administrator (WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5 and Liberty Profile). I work with Linux (and some Unixes), some Windows systems, mostly administrating middleware platforms such J2EE Application Servers and message oriented middleware (mostly the IBM WebSphere product line). I've work or have worked heavily with cloud platforms such as Eucalyptus, AWS, Digital Ocean, etc. Along with that comes some coding and programming in Java and Python, and some other shell languages such Perl, bash, even PowerShell. More recently, I've been doing DevOps work with Puppet, Ansible, and Docker. I've written in other languages in the past (Pascal, COBOL, C++, even VB .NET), but rarely have the chance or desire to use them.

What I do in my free time (and probably the majority of what this blog will be about) involves a lot of different things. I am involved in a local hacker space run by FALE, which works with a lot of things such as self built 3D printers, micro electronics (Arduino), quad copters/drones, information security, and coding. Loosely related to that I am also into lock picking, and regularly attend FALE meetings, as well a local Python User's Group, PyPTUG, and sometimes attend some of the Linux User Group meetings in my area. I also am a member of a local maker space called The Forge You might also find me at local tech conferences and InfoSec conferences. I fill the rest (most) of my time playing with my kids, playing Minecraft with my wife, and enjoying life in a small town outside Winston-Salem, NC.

I also have a lot of projects at home involving my various Linux boxes, the Raspberry Pi, an arcade cabinet, this web site, and whatever else I end up working on. I am also a father of two kids, so the nature of the projects and experiences I share here will likely change as my kids becomes older.

Note: a short explaination of the term "digital shokunin", or more to the point, a "shokunin". Shokunin is a Japanese word I learned of while watching a documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. In it, the master sushi chef Jiro explains the concept of a shokunin. Loosely translated, it means craftsmen or artisan, but it holds more meaning then simply that, it describes someone who dedicates their life to the pursuit of mastery or perfection of their craft. It's a bit more then that but you can watch his explanation. I liked the meaning of this term or felt it aptly describes my attitude as I've always felt driven to learn more and get better at what I do, whether it be programming, operations, dabbling in infosec, etc (all things digital).

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